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D+K Renewal At Homevestures

We're happy to announce that Homevestures is featuring products by D+K Renewal.

D + K Renewal is a daughter and niece cousin duo with a major love for design and vintage home furnishings.  Their vision stems from a love of mixing vintage with bohemian to create a new inspiring boho.

D + K renewal has a unique selection of pillows, rugs, and wall hangings and more.

Ordering Process


Homevestures love seats are made to order. You are ordering a luxurious custom made and crafted love seat that will last for generations. Great products like ours that are built with the highest quality and design are worth the wait.

We promise you will love love love your love seat once it arrives! You are not just getting a piece of furniture... you are getting a tangible representation of the things that you value most, love, life, family and your home.

Let this love seat represent your belief in these values while you work as a creator to bring into existence these values for yourself and all who cross the threshold of your home. Orders may be placed through phone or email. Production begins after order is placed and deposit is made.


D + K Renewal Products at Homevestures

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Hi, We're Homevestures!

In our home, family comes first, and we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Our family values creativity, individuality, and working together.

Part of being a family is working together to support each other. We've been designing and building furniture for over 20 years, always striving to craft the highest-quality products to share with families in our community.

So from our family to yours, we're proud to share with you our latest furniture creations.