Fall 2017


The Mudcloth Love Seat

Feeling a whole other kind of love for this mudcloth love seat. It was inspired from a prickly childhood memory. After searching for years, truth finally came and changed all the heartache to a new understanding. It was then that this love seat took shape.

Truth elevates and lifts us. Truth is recognizable and transparent. I realized the muddy place I saw myself in, ended up being a condition where tangible love so real could emerge. An indelible impression struck me with an awareness that everything wonderful comes from the mud.


The feet are a visual reminder that truth is clear and something we can know and feel, something we can stand on and build on.

DSC_7080 (1).jpg

The mudcloth is so symbolic of how lowly it can feel to be in a muddy, painful place in life. It made sense to use Lucite feet on the loveseat because of the truth I discovered about who I really am.