Wholesale Information


Hello! Vicki here from homevestures!

Great news! We have a plan to help you get your rattan/peacock/furniture business going!

Here it is. The cost to ship a 40 foot high cube container is approximately 5500usd; it’s the largest container. Our idea is to give you 1/4 of the space to fill with product. Then you only pay 1/4 the shipping cost while still getting the great benefits of the wholesale pricing.

This plan includes scheduling the container with paperwork, identifying codes and necessary filings, hiring a driver, packers and loaders for stuffing your goods from the maker onto the container. It is then trucked 7 hours to Jakarta, which is the port of origin. All documents, port, requirements, fees, filings, fumigation are fulfilled, and the container is loaded onto the ship.

The container goes to Singapore for more clearance, then on a 4 week journey across the ocean and brought to a port nearest you. Insurance, custom clearance, security checks and all paperwork for clearance are handled by us. After all that, we drive away from the port, ciao baby!, with the goods to the distribution warehouse! Yay!

From the warehouse you can save money by arranging your own pick up to your location, or we can freight forward all the goods to you. There is an extra cost to bring it from the distribution warehouse to you.

Our furniture is made to order in Indonesia. We work directly with the makers. This means the possibilities are endless for creating new product if your desiring a special collection for your brand.

However, I recommend buying what the makers currently make. This is the most practical and efficient way to begin increasing and honestly what the customers are wanting!

You can view the collection in our wholesale section on our website. Contact us for the password to gain access to our wholesale site!

Your space will hold approximately 25 single seat peacock chairs, possibly less if you include beds, daybeds and sofas, depending on the models; and definitely less if you include large benches, doubles peacocks, and certain pendants.

After selecting the furniture pieces for your space, decide if you will fill the spaces around the furniture with macrame, smaller pendants and other home products. This will increase your margin exponentially by utilizing these areas!

If this is not an apparent option, don’t sweat it! Grow at your own pace and be excited that you are moving forward with your ideas and desire for increase and bringing something super cool and rare to your area. See your next shipment bigger and fuller! You’ll get there! I promise!

Since all the rattan is made to order, and sometimes includes harvesting the raw material; it is essential to plan now for a fabulous 2019 spring collection with the best possibility for increase.

Get your order together now through end of October to ensuring a prosperous spring summer season and delivery early March 2019!

You only need 1/3 down of the total cost of product to start your order and can make payments over the waiting time as the pieces are made. You have 5-6 good months to plan for something spectacular for your business!

Now go look at our wholesale section and organize your collection! Show me what pieces you see for your business and customers; also, what colors will set you apart and amp up your brand! I’m here to help you grow and increase your business!

Talk to you soon!

Vicki Stecher Director homevestures.com

***Minimum wholesale order of $2000 to start***